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Wine and Tapas Pairing – 5 exciting combinations to try at home

The combination of red wine and Manchego cheese is one of the classics that Spain fans already know for sure. Would you like to get to know new ideas for pairing wine and tapas? And what about tapas that are …

How does an online wine tasting work

How does an online wine tasting work? An easy step-by-step guide for preparing at home

You’ve probably heard of online wine tasting, as it’s grown in popularity over the past 2 years. But how exactly does an online wine tasting work? How are the preparations going at home? We will show you how these wine …

Tips wine summer

Helpful tips for enjoying wine in summer

Enjoy wine also in summer! We give you recommendations on how to choose the right wine and how to best serve it. …

Pairing Wine Cheese

How to combine wine & cheese from Spain correctly

Learn how to properly combine wine and cheese from Spain. 4 exciting combinations that will always get you right. …