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How it all began

Passion for Spain


My name is Diana, I am the founder of Chateo Home Tasting.

It all started with my passion for Spain, its wines, its gastronomy and my desire to share this passion.

For this reason, I have been offering culinary experiences in Castile-La Mancha together with my Spanish husband for several years.

Spanien entdecken mit Chateo

Discover Spain through Culinary Experiences

We offer Food & Wine Tours such as visits to Manchego cheese dairies, olive oil tastings and wine tastings on our family-owned winery.

Due to the known events in 2020 and the associated restrictions, we had to reorient ourselves and expand our activities. That’s why I decided to see the new situation as an opportunity to share my experiences with wine, olive oil and Spanish gastronomy in a different way.

And that’s how Chateo Home Tasting came about.

Spanish wines are known worldwide and there are more and more restaurants around the world serving Spanish tapas. But how do you know which wine is really good? How can you try new things that are not available in every supermarket? Which food or which tapa goes best with a wine?

We want you to discover the fascinating world of wine and typical Spanish gastronomy with us in a relaxed way and not so much influenced by technical terms. So that you discover and learn something new about the still unknown Spain.

I am originally from Stuttgart and now live with my husband and our children in Spain, in Castile-La Mancha, where the largest vineyard in the world is located and where exceptional wines are produced in small family wineries and delicacies are still made by hand in small manufacuries.

Our mission is to discover Spain with you, to introduce you to these products and to show you typical things that you can normally only see and try when you are in Spain and are out and about with the locals.


Discover Spain - onsite and from Home

Try an extraordinary Manchego cheese, which has been made in a traditional way in a small family business for 200 years, where every cheese is still manually pressed. Discover with us a wine made from grapes that come from one of the three volcanic regions of the Iberian Peninsula. This makes this wine something unique and extraordinary that you absolutely have to try! And there are many other very special products that we would like to show you and stories that we would like to tell you!

The name Chateo comes from the Spanish “ir de chateo”, which means that you go from bar to bar with a group of friends and try different wines.

And that is exactly what we want to achieve: that we try good wines and delicious tapas and have a good time together.

Discover Spain – with Chateo.

Are you in?

Diana – Chateo Home Tasting

Ich möchte, dass Du den außergewöhnlichen Manchego-Käse probierst, der seit 200 Jahren auf traditionelle Weise in einem kleinen Familienbetrieb hergestellt wird, in dem jeder Käse noch manuell gepresst wird. Entdecke mit mir einen Wein, der aus Trauben hergestellt wird, die aus einer der drei Vulkanregionen der Iberischen Halbinsel stammen. 

Dies macht diesen Wein zu etwas Einzigartigem und Außergewöhnlichem, das Du unbedingt probieren musst! Und es gibt noch viele weitere ganz besondere Produkte, die ich Dir zeigen möchte, und Geschichten, die ich Dir erzählen möchte!

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